Friday, 22 April 2016

Sunny autumn & White-haired demon (BTS)

For this photoshoot we went for a little trip. It was a very nice place.

The swing Igi made. To be honest, it wasn´t very comfortable. My butt hurt so much and I was always slipping down. :D

It was really cold, so Igi offered me his vest, so I can warm up a little bit between the photos. Not that I didn´t have my own coat, but it´t made of that "silkish" material from the inside, so when I put it on, I felt even colder then without it. :D

A small break for a little fun on the swing. :D

I don´t have hands! :O :D Just kidding. I was trying to warm my hands as well. The dress was short-sleeved.

High-heeled boots are the best...but definitely not for running in grass or stepping on trees. This is me, trying not to fall on my ass. :D

Cold, cold, cold, cooooold. :D But it was worth it!

The last picture. I still had Igis vest and my coat and even scarf. :D At least it was warmer under the wig. :D

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