Sunday, 17 April 2016

Chilling at home & Light and Dark (Photo)

I had an idea that I wanted to try out, but the weather wasn´t that great. That´s why we decided to stay at home (well, not at my home, Vladimirs home :D) and just try how it would go.
And after just standing there and pressing the button (the camera was on a tripod so there wasn´t much to do for him :D) we just started to improvise.
It´s always great to meet up with Vlado, he´s a great guy and we always have fun. :)
All of the "girls" on these photos are me. :)
Photo: Vladimir Horniak
Edit: Me

Everybody has a lighter and darker side in them.

Me, myself and my other self. :D


  1. Tie prvé fotky sú úžasne! Vlastne, všetky fotky. Pri ten druhej polovici si mi veľmi pripomenula moje "detské" časy, mala som 11 rokov a hrala som hru Second Life. A mala som tam presne taký outfit. Máš štýl! :D

    1. Ďakujem a som rada, že sa páčia. Hru nepoznám, aj keď názov mi niečo hovorí. Nejaké screenshoty toho outfitu už asi nemáš, čo? :D

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Chloe!