Sunday, 17 April 2016

Blood Bath (BTS)

What I love about shooting with friends is, that there is a chance I get all the photos. Mostly because I love editing them, and on the other side, it´s also fun to have some "behind the scenes and bloopers" photos.
You can see how the photos came out [HERE] or on my FB page.

Preparing. It wasn´t that easy shooting in such a small place. :D

And to be honest, it definitely wasn´t very comfortable, either. :D

 If you watch closely, you can see on the photo above, how my hair started to dye the water. We didn´t notice until a while later, when the water was already red. First I though it was from the dress, but was the hair. But I think, it made the result much more interesting, than a normal water.
The water is quite red now. :D
A little finishing touch. I tried really hard not to fall out from the bath. :D

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