Monday, 25 April 2016

Collective haul (April)

April is slowly ending and I most likely won´t buy anything this month. So why not make a haul post? :D
Aside from this thing I have some things that arrived from Aliexpress, but I decided to put them in another post and do for them a real review, with all the positives and negatives.

So, the first part iiiiis - thrifting. :D I love thrift shops. Probably 90% of my wardrobe consists from thrift clothing.

My newest find. I fell in love with this dress, but it´s like two/three sizes too big. But it does´t matter. I will find a way to make it fit me. :D

Just a simple purple T-shirt.

Plaid skirt. Because there isn´t something like too much plaid skirts. :D

A crop-top jacket. Well, I´m not a fan of crop-tops, but I liked this one and thought that it would look nice for some photoshoots.

The crop-top jackets hood. This is the only thing I don´t really like about it. But it´s just a detail. I´m not going to wear the hood anyway.

Orsay top with lace and lacing. I already have something similar but with red details.

A wolf shirt! I knew I have to buy this one. It´s a little bit short, so I will probably only wear it with a skirt, but the print is just amazing. :3

Something more elegant. I love this type of blouses. I will probably take the beads down, some of them are already missing anyway.

A little more detailed.

Black layered skirt. Nice and flowy, very comfortable. :3

I´m trying to build up a steampunk kind of wardrobe so I bought this brown skirt as well.

Belt with purple studs.

Long skirt. The material is very interesting, it´s all so creasy, but it´s very light.

Cute loliable blouse. :) it looks very pretty with underbust corset.

This isn´t really new, but I wanted to share this. It´s a wedding dress I found. It has a little bit of a Victorian vibe and the skirt is reeeeeeally long. Sadly I don´t have the place now to take a full photo of this dress, but I definitely want to make a photoshoot in them. :)

RagnaRock t-shirt.

Layered blouse

Ok, this one really is little bit older, but this is one of my favourite thrift finds. I used to wear it so much in warmer weather. It´s so flowy and comfortable. And it has a kitty with a moon on it! ♥ I really like some of the H&M Divided stuff. :)

I´m constantly looking for red eyeshadows but I just don´t have any luck. But I bought this. It´s not really red, but the dark pink matches my hair right now and the colors are really pretty for how cheap this was. :D
I bought two cheap wigs in Kik. I already have a photoshoot series with one of them (well, not the one I bought but the photographer had exactly the same black wig)

Pink bob.

Black bob. :D

Because I iron my hair a lot I bought something for protection against the heat. I already had the Miraculous oil from Garnier before. It´s really nice, but maybe a little bit too oily. So i decided to try Thermo protect from Gliss Kur

And I bought this little friend today. He was cute and I just couldn´t leave him there. I already have a plush rat as well. :D


  1. You have done a lot of great finds! I really like the layered blouse! :>

    1. Thrifting is the best. :D I love how I for all these things paid less, than I would pay for the first dress :D (I found it being sold for around 40 - 45Euros... I paid 3,50. :D).

      And yes, the blouse is really cute, I just still don´t know with what I will combine it. :D

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see I have a new follower to my blog. I checked your profile, and fell in love with your blog. Hup, I follow back!