Monday, 18 April 2016

Outfit post

Sun is shining, throw away all the pants and jackets!
Ok, maybe not, it´s still quite cold here, but I was going for a little shoot near my home, so it wasn´t that bad.
The dress is from a thrift store (I actually mostly buy all my things either from thrift stores or from Aliexpress). It was a lucky buy, I didn´t even try it on, because I almost missed my bus, but it fits very nicely. There is a lace strap in the middle (but I had black top under the dress, so it´s not very visible) and the back is lace as well. Pentagram harness is from Aliexpress, and so are the gloves, necklace and the collar (yep, I really love buying from them :D).
I love stripes(!) and I love striped tights. These black and purple are from Mordhaus, a slovak alternative shop. I also have a black and red ones. I had leggings under, the tights themselves  aren´t very tick, but they will be great for hotter days. :)
And the shoes at last...I really like the shoes, I have them for like two years now. I bought them in H&M.

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