Wednesday, 13 April 2016

First words

Back to blogging? Hell yeah!
Some time ago I used to blog...a lot. Not so much in english, but in my language (I still have my slovak blog, if you´re interested, the link is in the menu). I had some other blogs too, but sadly, they didn´t survive for very long.
But this will, I´m positive about it! (at least I hope it will :D).

Maybe it would be nice to say something about me, before I go on. 

Well...on the internet you can mostly find me as Chloë Noir. But my real name isn´t even close to that. I´m Diana, nice to meet you. ;)
I´m living in Slovakia, working 8 hours a week in automotive industry and modeling as a hobby.
It´s not a bad life. Not the best, but not the worst. The job could be better (or at least they could pay us better), and I´m really thinking about finding a new job. But that isn´t important now.

I´m a huge anime and manga fan, and I love shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and stuff like that.
From the music, it´s of course mostly goth and deathrock, rock, punk, j-rock, darkwave, metal and classical and instrumental music (and soundtracks).

Besides modeling, I also love taking photos (mostly of nature and various objects) and make jewelry and accessories. I used to draw a lot, and I still love it, even when I don´t get to do it so often (I currently don´t have a table so it´s liiittle bit diffiult anyway), and it´s same with reading.

And what will you find here? I´m not really sure myself. Probably photos, outfits, "diary-type" posts, opinions, hauls...

So, that´s all for now. :)

Photo: Igi Petrilla


  1. Replies
    1. Ďakujem. Som rada, že sa páčia. Len keby sa farba tak rýchlo nevymývala. :D

  2. Vyzeráš ako naozaj zaujímavá osoba, teším sa na tvoje články! :) Mám ti ich potom komentovať v SL alebo AJ? :D

    1. Ďakujem a dúfam, že sa ti tu bude páčiť. A no, to už nechám na teba, ako ti to bude viac vyhovovať. ;)

  3. Ty vlasy jsou pecka! a vitej zpet :)