Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pink...ish (Photos)

First photos that were taken right after I came back from the hairdressers with new color.
Although I wanted purple at first, I fell in love with this pinkish red color and I even wanted to go more pink. I´m not a big fan of pink, but that goes mostly for clothing and that kid of things. Pink hair fascinated me probably from the time I started watching anime. :D
But sadly, my own hair is little bit darker and the only pink hairdye I can find here just isn´t strong enough to cover my roots. :(
I don´t want to bleach my roots every month and damage my hair even more every time and I don´t have the money to always go to a hair salon. Maybe I will try and find something that will lighten my hair...maybe there is something that is not peroxide based. Hopefully.

The photos were taken in our living room by my flatmate and photographer Mattphoto (and edit by me)
He´s specializing in taking photos of dogs and he´s really great at is. :) (and the funny thing is, that his artistic name is Matt Noir. And now that we live together, one of his friend told him, that we should name our flat "Noirs Lair :D)

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  1. I think that you look very good with pink hair. It's very pretty!