Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sunny autumn (Photo)

In autumn, last year, I went for a little trip to Skároš (a small town near the city I live in) with Igi. It was really nice there with all the colors and fallen leaves.
We didn´t really have a plan, I just was in a mood for photoshoot and I had a new dress and corset. And my lovely Demonia boots.
Now I don´t even remember how we came out with the idea of a swing, but I´m glad we did and I think it looks quite good (and I really like the wig. The funny thing is, that it is just a cheap party wig :D). The weather was nice, sun was shining (mostly, but it was still really cold...reeeeeaaaally cold. :D).
Photo: Igi Petrilla

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