Sunday, 24 April 2016

Chia seeds?

I started to eat more healthy for some time now…more fruits and vegetables, ale less junkfood. One time when I was shopping I found something called Chia seeds. They seem to be pretty healthy, full  of nutrients and so, so why not try it? Wasn´t that expensive.
I tried to took a really detailed photo, wasn´t that easy, but they look interesting. They are a tiny little seeds. I think they resemble a snake skin a little bit. :D
And they taste like…well, seeds maybe. :D But it´s not a bad taste, so you can eat them just like they are. Or you can look up some recipes on the internet.
I´m pretty curious, if eating this for a longer time will have some effect. I strugle with a bad skin and spots for almost three years (it started when I started working…the biggest issue is definitely stress) and I still didn´t find anything that would really help. So who knows…maybe this “superfood” will help at least a little. :D

Does anybody have some experience with these seeds?


  1. Ja osobne chia semienka milujem! Dávam ich úplne všade, kde sa len dá (šaláty, jogurt, zmrzlina,..).. mám chia mániu :D

    1. Ja som zvykla len tak samotné, som kus lenivá na to, ale možno niekedy skúsim napríklad s tým jogurtom. :D