Friday, 3 February 2017

I will be back!

The last try...if this one won´t work out, I will just stay away from blogging for good (well, in english at least, I still have my slovak blog, where I occasionally post stuff). 

I really like blogging, it´s just...the time...the fucking time...there is so little of it!

I still really, really want to.
My Althemy site is great, but it´s more a portfolio with occasional blog post, but this is a blog, where I wanted to post everything, not just modeling or photography related. 


I will find the time. Come on, tomorrow is my birthday, I will be one year older again. It should be time to be more responsible and to stay behind my words. 


  1. I hope You will find strengh and time for continuing with the blog! I keep my thumbs up for You :D Cheers!