Saturday, 11 February 2017

From the scratch

A few days ago I got a new laptop. Well, not really new, to be honest, more like reeeeeeally, reeeeeally old, but still working (thanks to my friend and flatmate Tomas) and better than the netbook I had before. And the best thing is - I finally have Photoshop and Lightroom!
I didn´t have Photoshop for years now, I edited photos in Photofiltre (but some people were really surprised, that I did quite good with a editor like that), but it just wasn´t enough and I would like to spend more time editing and maybe later, when I get better, even do it profesionaly. I really love editing photos, but I so used to Photofiltre, that trying to do something in Photoshop is lke starting from scratch. And because I never had Lightroom, it´s litterally starting from scratch. :D
But I´m determined... I can do it.

And I have a great teacher, whos photos and edits I really like, even when he shoots something little bit different (he´s mostly a dog photographer, so if you love dogs and nice photos, go and check his FB page: Mattphoto. Or you can see his portraits and photos of people on instagram @matt_shoots_people ).
I already started slowly editing and trying what Lightroom can do. I know some basics, and now I have to experiment more and look at some tutorials, to learn some tips and tricks.  And the same with Photoshop. As it doesn´t have some of the features I was used to in Photofiltre ( does, but little bit diferent), I have to look up, how to retouch photos the best.

Sorry for the quality, it´s just taken with mobile camera :D

I feel actually quite motivated. And the best thing I´m planning is - I want to buy a mirror camera. For a long time I was against it. Not because I think it´s not good, but I just thought that I don´t need it and that it would be too expensive, with all the extra equipment you have to have (or want to have), that you don´t need with compact camera. Yes, I talking about all the various lenses. :D Some are two times more expensive than the camera itself. It´s crazy! But...I decided to try looking more into photography, maybe even try shooting people and so. Who knows, maybe I will be good at it. Modelling is a great hobby, but I can´t do it forever. Yet, I would still love to be involved with photography, even when I get older. And as I used to love taking photos and I love editing them (I edit quite a lot of the photos from shootings), I think it´s a good way to go and to invest.

But I still will need a new laptop, this one is like...9 years old. I hope he doesn´t die on me. :D Wish me luck. ;)

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